The EyeTV Reporter is a free utility that offers a number of troubleshooting options for EyeTV users.

Its functions include:

  1. Backup Preferences
  2. Restore Preferences
  3. Delete Preferences
  4. Uninstall
  5. Backup Selected Files
  6. Send Files to Geniatech
  7. Network Diagnosis

Each of these options is discussed at length below.

Only use EyeTV Reporter to send items if Geniatech Technical Support requests that information.

Do not use EyeTV Reporter to contact us unless you have already made a Support Ticket.

Download EyeTV Reporter

The latest version of EyeTV Reporter will always be available via this article.

Download: EyeTV Reporter 1.8.7 for OS X 10.7.5 or later


Sections of EyeTV Reporter

After launching EyeTV Reporter, you will be presented with three sections:


  1. Easy – Select this option if you are having problems with EyeTV and would like to reset EyeTV to its default state.  This can also be used to uninstall EyeTV completely.
  2. Advanced – Select this option if you’ve been asked to send your configuration files to Geniatech Technical Support.
  3. Network Diagnosis – Select this option if you want to perform a diagnosis on your network.

Easy – Backup Preferences

The Backup Preferences option creates a copy of all EyeTV Preferencesfiles, including channel information.

It is a good idea to use this option before making significant changes to your EyeTV setup.  That way, you can always use the Restore Preferencescommand to revert EyeTV to its earlier state.

After you press Backup Preferences, a Please save the report window will appear.  Your files will be saved in a compressed form – make sure to store them in an easily accessible location, just in case you need to use Restore Preferences in the future.



Your backup with only represent a snapshot of the state of EyeTV at that moment – it will not automatically update itself as EyeTV is used in the future.  You will need to use Backup Preferences each time you wish to capture the state of EyeTV.  Perhaps you’ll want to do this every month or two, before you update the EyeTV software, or when you make any significant changes to your channel list (like an Auto Tune).

Your backup includes your activation key, so when you use Backup Preferences, you’re also saving files that Geniatech can use to recover your activation key.


Easy – Restore Preferences

The Restore Preferences option takes the zip files you saved using the Backup Preferences command, and makes them active again in EyeTV.


After you press Restore Preferences, an Open window will appear.  You can now select the zip file that represents your EyeTV backup.


The preferences will be active again the next time you start EyeTV.

Easy – Delete Preferences

The Delete Preferences option permanently removes all EyeTV preference files, and can help resolve problems experienced with EyeTV.   EyeTV will remake these files when it is launched again.

You will need to run EyeTV Setup Assistant again after using this option, and you will also have to re-enter your EyeTV Activation Key.


You may want to use the Backup Preferences option before using Delete Preferences, just in case you need to revert your settings in the future.

Easy – Uninstall

The Uninstall option removes the EyeTV application, and all other components and files related to EyeTV.



It does not remove the contents of your EyeTV Archive folder, so your recordings and schedules will remain intact.

If you want to use EyeTV again after an Uninstall, then you will need to download the EyeTV software from Elgato.com.

EyeTV will replace the uninstalled files when it is launched again.

You will need to run EyeTV Setup Assistant again after using this option, and you will also have to re-enter your EyeTV Activation Key.

Advanced – Backup Checked Items

The Advanced option can be used for one of two things:

  1. To send your configuration files to Geniatech Technical Support.
  2. To select certain files associated with EyeTV, and Backup Checked Items.



There are six sections under this option, each with some sub-options that can be disclosed by clicking on the triangles next to each choice.

A – EyeTV Preferences

WiFi Access Preferences

B – EyeTV Application Support Files

EyeTV Helper.app

C – EyeTV Generated Files

EyeTV Archive.xml

D – System Configuration

Apple System Profiler
Full Apple System Profiler
QuickTime Components

E – Logs

EyeTV Logs
EyeTV Crash Logs
Console Log
System Log

F – Miscellaneous

EyeTV Archive Structure
EyeTV Archive Permissions
EyeTV Application Structure
EyeTV Playlist Info
EyeTV SmartGuide Info

G – EyeTV Recording

H – Specific File

I – Network Tuner Logs

J – Network Diagnosis

Notes :

  • Sections G and H  are available starting with EyeTV Reporter 1.5.
  • Sections I and J are available starting with EyeTV Reporter 1.6.

Geniatech Technical Support will tell you which options should be checked when you generate your report – only send a report after being asked to do so via a Support Ticket.

You can also selectively backup certain files for your own troubleshooting.  The original files will not be touched, and copies of each will be generated in a compressed zip file.

Advanced – Sending Your Report To Geniatech

Besides using the command to Backup Checked Items, you can also send the selected items to Geniatech Technical Support.

Only send items if Geniatech EyeTV Support requests that information.

Do not use EyeTV Reporter to contact us unless you have already made a Support Ticket.

Enter your name, email address, and support ticket number, so we can find your report quickly.  You should also include a summary of the problem you are experiencing with EyeTV.

Once you press Send to Geniatech, the files you selected are compressed and automatically sent to Geniatech’s online storage space.  After that upload is complete, you have the option of sending a separate email that includes more information about your situation.

Network Diagnosis

The Network Diagnosis option runs through a series of tests that can diagnose network problems with EyeTV.

Specifically, if EyeTV has problems sharing data with an iPhone, or other Macs on your network, these tests can pinpoint the cause of the problem.


The specific tests that are run are as follows:

  1. Check to see if EyeConnect is installed.
  2.  Check to see if EyeConnect is running.
  3. Check to see if EyeConnect answers requests.
  4. Check to see if your Mac is connected to a network.
  5. Check to see if the OS X Firewall is on.
  6. Check to see if there is an active Bonjour service.
  7. Check to see if you have an active My EyeTV account (entered in the iPhone section of the EyeTV Preferences).
  8. Check to see if automatic configuration of the router is successful.

EyeConnect is a component that is installed with every copy of EyeTV, to facilitate the sharing of recordings and live TV over the network.

After the tests are complete, if Geniatech Technical Support has asked for a copy of your Network Diagnosis, then you can use the Send To Geniatech button to send a report via email.  Alternatively, you can copy that text-based report from the email draft and send it via your Support Ticket instead.


If you need support regarding your EyeTV product please do not hesitate to contact us following this link.

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