• Enjoy live television on a Windows PC or laptop, with pause, fast-forward and rewind functions
  • Browse the electronic programme guide based on various criteria.
  • Record a programme or a whole series
  • Eyetv Plus, the YouTube of the German catch-Up media libraries is now included (no subscription for eyetv 4 Windows customers, just for free & just go with it) – you save 19,95 Euro)

Live TV on your PC

Make your PC the coolest television in the whole house. Pause the current programme to get a snack. Rewind to watch a scene of a film again. Fast-forward to skip the adverts. You can make the TV window float above all your other open windows so you can follow your favourite film while surfing the internet. Or watch two programs at once using ‘picture-in-picture’.

At your Desk or in the Living Room

You can sit at your desk and navigate the adjustable-size eyetv 4 windows screen with the mouse. The luxury eyetv 4 windows on-screen menu allows you to zap through the programs, browse the electronic programme guide and operate the eyetv 4 windows menu.

Integrated electronic program guide (EPG)

eyetv 4 windows provides an overview of all forthcoming programmes which is always up-to-date.

Organise channels

eyetv 4 windows offers detailed information on all receivable TV channels. You can drag and drop you favourite channels into a group of channels which you can name yourself, or organise your favourite channels into categories such as sport, news, films, etc. For each channel list, eyetv 4 windows shows you the relevant programme information (EPG). The eyetv 4 windows option to save the channel list after scanning for channels is perfect for travellers. This means users can simply watch television in different places by calling up the channel list saved for that location. This saves having to run a new channel scan for every change of location.

Record the program you're watching

Is it worth recording the programme you are currently watching? No problem. eyetv 4 windows has an option, you can even “record the past” if it is available in the live buffer.

During the recording, you can still pause, rewind or fast-forward the playback of the live programme.



Record upcoming shows

If you want to schedule a recording, simply use the automatic recording function via the EPG.

Record an entire season

If you select “Smart EPG”, eyetv 4 windows can use an intelligent series EPG which automatically records the whole television series. In order to save space on your hard drive, you can also tell the smart series EPG how many episodes it should keep.

Dolby® Digital Sound

eyetv 4 windows records and plays Dolby® Digital sound, including 5.1 multichannel audio, where available.



Superior Picture Quality

Only eyetv 4 windows offers excellent image quality and is also able to play Full HD TV saving processor load and memory, with, optimised decoding of DVB-T2 HD HEVC H.265 on PCs with Windows 10, Intel Core i5 CPU at 2.5 GHz or higher. eyetv also supports subtitles and ‘Picture-in-Picture’ mode (PiP).

Technical Information

System requirements

  • Windows 10 or higher
  • A 2.5 GHz Intel i5 processor or AMD Ryzen
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • A suitable television receiver

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