Strategic partnership between Geniatech and emteria

Aachen/Shenzhen, 22/12/2016
We are happy to announce the cooperation with the Geniatech Group, facilitating modern embedded products by combining high-quality embedded hardware of Geniatech and our industrial Android platform. In the future, Geniatech customers will be able to benefit from the emteria.OS and its extensions.


Collaboration Geniatech and Arrow

Aachen/Shenzhen, 07/11/2016
Geniatech and Arrow Electronics are cooperating to allow effective use of the core expertise of both companies when it comes to the development of customer-specific IoT solutions. The companies are responding to the high level of dynamism in this rapid growth market. Scalable basic designs, the components of which are a sound investment thanks to long-term deliverability, can be adapted within the collaboration to the clients’ requirements without delays. Seamless cooperation is required at every stage of development, and this is something Arrow and Geniatech can now offer.