Strategic partnership between Geniatech and emteria

Cooperation with emteria for increasing the worldwide coverage of industrial Android

Aachen/Shenzhen, 22/12/2016

We are happy to announce the cooperation with the Geniatech Group, facilitating modern embedded products by combining high-quality embedded hardware of Geniatech and our industrial Android platform. In the future, Geniatech customers will be able to benefit from the emteria.OS and its extensions.

About Geniatech

Shenzhen Geniatech Inc., Ltd (www.geniatech.com), the leading ODM / OEM manufacturer for smart TV -and video platforms for all areas of daily entertainment. Through consulting, development, design and manufacturing excellence Geniatech supports its customers and partners ecosystems in more than 42 countries. Geniatech supplies platforms, has realized innovative solutions from the industrial design in hardware and software according to international standards certified manufacturing services.