If you are using an User account that doesn’t have System (or Administrative) access, then EyeTV won’t have enough permissions to read and/or write to its files. The end result of that is some of the following behavior:

1) Each time you start EyeTV, you have to use the Setup Assistant again
2) Each time you start EyeTV, you have to scan for channels again
3) Each time you start EyeTV, your settings are not remembered
4) EyeTV may not wake up from sleep to record
5) You may have problems with the remote control

To resolve this problem, EyeTV needs to be able to read and write to files in the System area of OS X. The easiest was to achieve this is to set your particular User account to have Administrative access, before you install or update EyeTV:

1) Open the OS X System Preferences
2) Choose the Accounts section
3) Select your account on the left side of the window, and choose “Allow user to administer this computer” at the bottom
4) Log out of your user account, and then log back in.
5) Install or update EyeTV

We are working on solutions to minimize the need for an account with Admin access, but until all issues are resolved, please use the above steps to resolve such problems.

If you need support regarding your EyeTV product please do not hesitate to contact us following this link.

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