EyeTV 3.6.7 introduces some internal changes to the EyeTV Program Guide.

In very rare cases, those changes can lead to search problems.  Typing keywords in the Search window may not work at all.  Smart Guides also might not work.

To resolve those problems, you can use the Clear EPG Databasecommand.

You can find the Clear EPG Database command in the Action menu, in the Program Guide.

Then, you can setup the Program Guide again.  Search should work again after that process is complete.

Further Troubleshooting

If the Program Guide update process doesn’t start automatically, then follow these steps:

• You can use the Guide section of the EyeTV Preferences to download new information, by pressing the Update Now button.

• Or, you can use the command to Update the Program Guide, from the Action menu in the Program Guide.

If the Program Guide does not update as expected, you can Auto Tuenagain via the Channels section of the EyeTV Programs window. When the Auto Tune is complete, you will be asked to select your Channel Lineup, and then the Program Guide will refresh.

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