EyeTV 3.5.4 and above have a new Apple TV HD export option.

A new Apple TV HD button in the EyeTV Programs window enables one-click export of selected 720p or 1080i HDTV recordings to 720p H.264 files, and then sends the content to iTunes.

Selecting the “Apple TV HD” Option

To make the new Apple TV HD button appear, visit the EyeTV menu, and select Preferences.

In the General section of the Preferences, under Export, there is an iPad/Apple TV button option.  It is there that you can select Apple TV HDoption.

Once you select the Apple TV HD option, then a new button will appear at the top of the EyeTV Programs window.



Auto-Export to the “Apple TV HD” Format

The Apple TV HD preset is also available as an auto-export option.

Each new schedule can be set to auto-export to Apple TV HD.

Any Smart Guide can also be set to auto-export to Apple TV HD, via the Options button for that Smart Guide.

The Options button can be found near the top right corner of the EyeTV Programs window, when a Smart Guide is selected.

Press Options to see the following window:


If you use the Options to tell a Smart Guide (or Smart Series Guide) to export to Apple TV HD, that means that every schedule made by that Smart Guide will export to Apple TV HD as soon as it has finished recording.

Using “Apple TV HD” Exports With Many Apple Devices

Apple TV HD content exported from EyeTV is 720p, and should be able to play with all modern hardware from Apple, including:

Apple TV 2
iPad 2
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S

This means you only have to export each recording once, using Apple TV HD, and then that exported recording can work with many Apple devices.  Since the recording will be automatically placed in iTunes, all you have to do is sync your device with iTunes, and then transfer it over from your Mac.

The limiting factor is whether your Apple devices can play 720p video or not – most recent models can.

Using “Apple TV HD” Exports With Turbo.264 HD

Turbo.264 HD software and hardware can integrate with EyeTV, to help with exports.

To use the new Apple TV HD export in EyeTV 3.5.4 and above, you will need to use Turbo.264 HD 1.2.1 and above.

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