EyeTV Diversity is designed to be simple to setup and use.

To ensure that all aspects of the EyeTV Diversity are understood, here is a discussion of the hardware.

The dark end of the EyeTV Diversity is a plastic cap, protecting the male USB 2.0 plug. That can be connected directly to an USB port on your Mac, or a small USB 2.0 extension cable can be used (included with EyeTV Diversity).

The opposite end of the EyeTV Diversity is the first Tuner input, with a connector for a coaxial cable. That is for one of the two included aerials/antennas.

Each side of the EyeTV Diversity has a small feature. One side is an IR receiver (which does not illuminate like a light), and the other side is a the second Tuner input, to which you can connect the second included aerial/antenna.

EyeTV Diversity does not have any light on it, so no part will illuminate to indicate if it’s on or off.

EyeTV Diversity accepts no analog inputs of any kind.

It is only for receiving DTT (DVB-T, TNT, Freeview) signals in many European countries, and Australia.

For Dual-Tuner mode:


Even if you live in an area with strong DTT reception, EyeTV Diversity is an attractive choice. In Dual-Tuner mode, EyeTV Diversity becomes two conventional DTT receivers in one. It’s the only EyeTV product that enables you to watch two live TV channels Picture-in-Picture, or watch one show while you record another.

Dual-Tuner mode is only active when two separate antennas/aerials are connected. If only one aerial is connected, then only one tuner will be active.

However, you can split the output of one aerial, so that a separate signal runs into each input of EyeTV Diversity. In that way, you could use both tuners with just one aerial, to receive two separate channels at the same time. You will need an MCX to RF coaxial adapter to attach a standard coaxial cable to the tuner input on the side of EyeTV Diversity.

For Diversity mode:


In Diversity mode, the two integrated tuners are set to the same frequency. EyeTV Diversity contains a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which uses information from both tuners to generate the best signal possible.

The result of this Antenna Diversity (AD) and multi-tuner technology is superb reception deep indoors, in weak DTT coverage areas, and at high speeds. In tests, the technology provided good reception in 95% of locations within the home (compared with 67% for conventional receivers), and a 50% improvement in the quality of the television signal.

EyeTV Diversity is ideal for travelers. The ultra-compact device and portable antennas pack easily with a MacBook, and mobile reception is possible at speeds up to 160 km/h provided there is uninterrupted DTT coverage en route.

Diversity mode is only active when two separate antennas/aerials are connected. If only one aerial is connected, then Diversity mode will not be available.

You can switch between Dual Tuner and Diversity model in the EyeTV Diversity section of the Devices Preferences for EyeTV (accessible from the EyeTV menu > Preferences > Devices).

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