Geniatech has a database that stores keys purchased through Geniatech’s online store as well as keys used to register any Geniatech product.

Recover Keys Automatically

Please try the following link, and enter your email address:


We will send you back your activation key via email, if it is in the above mentioned database.

My Key Is Not In The Database

If you get an email response that says your key is not yet available, then please contact us with the following details.

You can download and find instructions for EyeTV Reporter here:

How do I use the EyeTV Reporter Utility?

Use the Easy > Backup Preferences command, and then send the zip file that is created to us.

Once we have this file, we will see what we can do to retrieve your key.

Key Recovery Without EyeTV Files

If you do NOT currently have a working installation of EyeTV, we would be happy to issue you a new activation key. All we ask is that you provide some proof or documentation verifying your purchase. An example of this might be a

  • scanned receipt
  • PDF invoice
  • email confirmation

Unfortunately, we are unable to recover key information from hardware serial numbers or product registration. Please note that this technique will only work with a currently running installation of EyeTV. We cannot extract keys from incomplete installations.

If you do not have documentation available, you may need to purchase EyeTV. Our online store is available here.

If you need support regarding your EyeTV product please do not hesitate to contact us following this link.

Contact Support