Any EyeTV recording can be exported in audio only form.

First, highlight the recording in the EyeTV Programs window > Recordingssection.

Next, choose Export from the File menu.

You will have the option to choose from many export formats.


The for iTunes option will create an AAC (MPEG-4) audio-only file, and send it to iTunes. This file will match the soundtrack of the EyeTV recording, but won’t have any video. Most EyeTV recordings use MPEG-1 or Dolby audio – both will be transformed to AAC when using this option.

You can also use the AAC Audio and Apple Lossless Audio options.

Once you have your audio file, you can change it to another format using your favorite audio application. iTunes has the option to transcode to a few other audio codecs, and it also has the option to burn an audio CD from your file.

Alternatively, you can use the MPEG Elementary Streams export option to get the “raw” audio and video tracks in two separate files. For example, if you have digital video with a Dolby soundtrack, then use MPEG Elementary Streams to get that AC3 (Dolby) file.

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