Welcome to EyeTV lite 1.4.3 (7516) DVB-T2 HD HEVC – Update

What’s new this release?

  • Support for the EyeTV T2 lite and EyTV T2 Hybrid for DVB-T2 HD
  • Less processor and memory demanding decoding for DVB-T2 HD HEVC H.265 on Mac, which is the new standard in Germany as of the 29th March 2017
  • Improved audio,- video- and lip synchronization
  • General improvements
  • Important note: please execute a new channel scan
  • Important note: DVB-T/T2/T2 HD reception may vary due to your location. An external roof antenna may be necessary.

System (minimum requirements)

Operating system: macOS X 10.9 or newer
processor: Intel Core i5 2,5 GHz CPU or better
System memory: 4 GB RAM or more






Even though tests from May 2016 to the 28th March of 2017 were successful, Geniatech / EyeTV had to find out that the new technical circumstances of DVB-T2 HD as of the 29th March of 2017 did not match those of the almost one year test period.

Based on the new technical conditions big parts of quality assessment and decoding software had to be rewritten, newly structured and adapted to the new conditions. We do feel responsible for the occurring problems of our customers that occurred during the switch and are thankful for your patience and your forgiveness.

To ensure that we can help our customers as fast as possible, we have decided to make the newest version of EyeTV 3 lite (1.4.3 (7516)) available immediately after the necessary quality assessment.
Because the new integrated HEVC h.265 mostly uses a newly developed code, we will provide further updates and improvements, to ensure stability and functionality of our software. Please check for updates regularly or visit or software page here.

To download eyetv 3 lite 1.4.3 (7516), please contact